About Us


Caseier offers you highly customized mobile phone case service. Upload photos from phone albums and design your own phone case. You can choose a template, add text to the photo. We are responsible for produce and deliver it to your hands safely and quickly. Download Caseier's application from App Store or Google Play and sign up for Caseier's customization service. 

Caseier works with hundreds of designers, they design and we print. You could feel their creation in our store. Hundreds of choices, beautiful designs and we guarantee the quality.

Apply for verified Caseier Designer and start to sell your own designs in Caseier's iOS & Android application. Once you are approved, You have the opportunity to sell to millions of customer from globe and earn commission from every order.

Open community:  Make friends with top Caseier Designers and share your creation inspiration everyday! 

Caseier wish you have a better life! 


Company Name: Shenzhen Yijun Technology Co., Ltd

Address: Room 301, Building A3, Nanshan Zhiyuan, Nanshan  District, Shenzhen City, China

Register Number: 914403005800875357