Flamingos are one of the most interesting types of animals in the world. There are six known species of them out there. They are different from many other types of birds because of the length of their legs. They aren’t often seen flying but they certainly can just like other birds. It was long debated though if they should be classified as storks or ducks. Finally, it was decided that they should have their own classification.


Why choose us?

1. Shake the phone and see quicksand flow
2. With 3D relief pattern on the back, every pattern looks vivid when you shake the quicksand
3. Exquisite Silicone soft frame, protecting your phone from any drop, crash
4. 100% completely fit your phone body, easy pull on and take off, providing all-around protection
5. Individual designer works printed on the back. Fashion is there when you pick up your phone

Material: Silicone + PC + Liquid

Style: Liquid Case

For: Apple iPhone 6/ 6s, iPhone 6/ 6s Plus, iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, iPhone X. Samsung Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge, Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge, S8/ S8 Plus.


Our philosophy

Every case from Caseier, our design team pay all their concentration on mixing fashion into it. We select the best environmentally friendly material, based on this, adding exclusive 3D relievo printing technique to produce unique product. Our goal is to use the best material and craft to design better and more fashionable phone case.

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