Maple Leaf


Maple Leaf

Maple is a tree, its loving spirit will help us to bring a balance to the male and female energies within. This is particularly true of the sugar maple, from which maple syrup is developed. Europeans learned the art of sugaring from the Native Americans, and they each developed their own techniques. For the most part, a tap is inserted into the tree in the early spring, allowing the sap to flow out. It is then slowly boiled down. It takes about 30 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. This insertion of the spout to produce a flow that leads to sweetness has been likened to the sexual act. When the male and female come together there is always a new birth. 


Why choose us?

1. 3D relievo printing makes phone case more three-dimensional, it is a new kind of experience you can touch and feel
2. Combination of "Relievo & Dull Polish" let you hold your phone firmly, say goodbye to annoying "Phone Drop & Fingerprint"
3. Exquisite fiber forming process get 50% toughness enhanced, which makes the case more solid and durable.
4. 100% completely fit your phone body, easy pull on and take off, providing all-around protection
5. Fashion is there when you pick up your phone

Material: TPU

Style: Relievo Printing + fiber forming process

For: Apple iPhone 5/ 5s/ SE, iPhone 6/ 6s, iPhone 6/ 6s Plus, iPhone 7/ 7 Plus. Samsung Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge, Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 7.

Our philosophy

Every case from Caseier, our design team pay all their concentration on mixing fashion into it. We select the best environmentally friendly material, based on this, adding exclusive 3D relievo printing technique and fiber forming process to produce unique product. Our goal is to use the best material and craft to design better and more fashionable phone case.


About The Gift Box

We have prepared several different gift boxes. Every phone case shipped from Caseier is bundled with a beautiful gift box. The metal gift box can  protect your goods from damaging during shipping. In addition, when you receive your order, you can also use it as a portable storage box. 

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